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Sejahtera Tenda (Payung Taman) (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Sejahtera Tenda is an Agent, Distributor and Manufacturer engaged in the manufacture of tents. Our products include: Promotional Cafe Tent, Cone Tent, Folding Tent, Membrane Tent, Umbrella Tent, Party Tent, Roder Tent, Sarnafil Tent, Promotional Umbrella, Tarpaulin, Gazebo, Umbrella Tent, Sunbrella Roll Awning, Sunbrella Canopy, Body Bag, Plastic Sheeting, etc.
Promotion is an attempt to notify or offer a product or service with the aim of attracting potential customers to buy or consume it. With the promotion of producers or distributors expecting an increase in sales figures.
Umbrella or umbrella in English comes from the Latin "umbra", which means shadows. When discovered 4 thousand years ago, initially ancient umbrellas were designed specifically only to protect the wearer from the hot sun. Until finally the Chinese succeeded in making an umbrella that also functions as a protection against rain. They managed to use candles and lacquer as a coating of paper so that the umbrella was waterproof.
A tent is a protective place consisting of a sheet of cloth or other material covering that is attached to the frame of a pole or attached to a supporting rope. Some tents do not need to stand on the ground because there are several models of tents hanging on trees.
Tents are widely used by soldiers and as shelters for victims of natural disasters and in general tents are used for recreational purposes. Tents are home to mountain climbers, where we unwind after taking a number of long trips to climb a mountain, tents also protect us from the occasional extreme weather.
Tents usually have two protective coating principles, namely an inner wall made of breathable or non-waterproof material and a flysheet made of waterproof material. It aims to overcome the condensation factors produced by the body and some activities in the tent. Condensation occurs because of the heat generated by the body and / or cooking in the tent, so to overcome this, a tent wall made of non-waterproof material is needed to get the heat out.
We Have More Than 20 Years Experience, Tarpaulin Tents Are One Of The Needs Of Industry, Offices, Natural Disasters And All The General Communities In Indonesia.
Cheap and complete production.


Menjadi Perusahaan Yang Handal Dan Terpercaya Dalam Bidang Pembuatan Tenda


Memberikan Produk-Produk Berkualitas Yang BIsa Diterima Oleh Pelanggan


Sejahtera Tenda adalah Agen, Distributor dan  Produsen yang bergerak dibidang pembuatan Tenda.  Produk-produk kami antara lain sebagai berikut:
1. Tenda (Tenda Payung, Tenda Cafe Promosi, Tenda Kerucut, Tenda Roder, Tenda Pesta, Tenda Membrane, Tenda Sarnafil, Tenda Lipat)
2. Payung Jati Sunbrella  
3. Payung Kolam Renang 
4. Awning Gulung Sunbrella  
5. Canopy Sunbrella  
6. Kantong Jenazah 
7. Terpal Plastik  


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